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About the implications of the action in the construction of contemporary narratives
2nd, 3rd and 4th April 2012 – 2EI_EA

The Faculty of Psychology and Sciences of Education and the Faculty of Fine Arts from the University of Oporto, the Centre of Research and Educational Intervention (CIIE), in close colaboration with M_EIA (MINDELO_International School of Art), have organized, in 2010 in Mindelo (Cape Verde), the I International Encounter on Arts Education. During the meeting the participants and researchers agreed on the arrangement of a second encounter to promote new debates about the complex questions of the art education.
Facing this interest, a scientific and organizing comission promotes the realization of the 2EI_EA in 2, 3 and 4 April 2012.
The event will be held in Oporto, home of the research centers, which include the recent i2ADS (Institute of Research in Art, Design and Society) and ID_CAI (ID-Colective of Action and Research - informal group of researchers from GESTO_Cultural Cooperative).
The 2EI_EA does not intend to be a space of rhetorical discourse nor a conference in search of a theory, but a meeting point in which a group of interfering people in the art education field will confront their ideas and fallow their experiences with other researchers and partners in other experiences. There is no art education without supportive foundations where the practices are clarified. It is intended that in this encounter the debates and discussions arise from experiences and actions.
One of the objectives of the meeting is to make visible alternative ways of questioning and constructing operative games, relationships between practice and research, allowing the emergence of new vocabularies and new ways of expression and analysis in contemporary education.
The current situation requires a profound transformation in the narratives to clarify the transversality of the so called field of art education and its
indispensability in the course of societies, and particularly in the teaching methods, content and guidelines that give shape and meaning to its extension into the field of education.
The thematic scope of this meeting is also its problematic field.
We invite each of the interfering participants to question what is given as 'natural' and so tends to discipline the work of the researcher. Thus it is aimed that the meeting promotes experience and actions in order to foster a reflection elapsed from the action.

We propose therefore the following areas:
contemporary thought and artistic education
(re)think research in art education
visual culture, subject and education
art museums and educational relationships

Oporto, October 2011
The Organizing Comission of the 2EI_EA